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About International Journal of Business Law

The International Journal of Business Law is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by International Legal Platform. The journal provides a medium for the publication of thoroughly researched articles, notes, commentaries and book reviews on business law subjects.
Meeting, International Journal of Business Law in Bowie, MD The journal presents both academic and practical analysis of legal issues by business law scholars and practitioners from the perspective of both the developed and developing nations.  It also provides avenue for examining the developments of the various aspects of business law with a view to proffering recommendations for reform. IJBL particularly focuses on topics from the following areas: Banking, Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Transactions, Consumer Law, Corporate Law, Finance Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Investment Law, and Tax Law. Articles, notes, commentaries and book reviews published by the journal are written by seasoned experts in the various fields. The articles are selected on the recommendations of a peer-review panel. A three-member peer-review panel for each material is constituted from a pool of screened leading professionals in their respective fields. The journal is edited by a team of business law professionals under the guidance of an advisory editorial board made up of foremost scholars.


The Advisory Editorial Board Editorial Committee
Gary Born
Emmanuel Gaillard
Fidelis Oditah
Andrew Terry
Charles Qu

Jodie Kirshner

Arthur Cockfield

Laura Beny

Michael Hwang, S.C


Dominic Badaiki
Richard Bagudu
Sujata Chaudhri
Fan Kun

Tanikia Roberts-Head

Margarita Sanchez

Ambareen Beebeejuan


IJBL is published by International Legal Platform in Bowie, Maryland, United States of America. The object of International Legal Platform is to promote cross-border education and scholarship, particularly in the areas of law and social order.