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Andrew Terry

Member, Advisory Editorial Board

Terry, Legal Forum in Bowie, MD

Andrew Terry is a Professor of Business Regulation in the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Sydney, Australia. Before joining the University of Sydney, he was Head of the School of Business Law and Taxation at the University of New South Wales. Terry is an Emeritus Professor at the University of New South Wales and Honorary Dean and Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University's Franchise Management School. He researches and teaches in the areas of competition law, fair trading law and intellectual property law, with a particular focus on franchising, and has over 300 articles. His publications include Business and the Law (currently in its 5th edition) and Franchising Law and Practice. Some of his recent publications are, Franchising Law and Practice-Butterworths looseleaf service with 3-monthly updates (1998-current) co-authored,'Competition Law and Policy in China: The 2007 Anti- Monopoly Law' in Commercial Law of the People's Republic of China, ed.  Patricia Blazey and Kay-Wah Chan, Thomson Reuters, Sydney, Australia, pp. 317-36 (co-authored), Franchise Law in China: The Interpretation and Applicaiton of the 2007 Franchise Regulation' in Commercial Law of the People's Republic of China, ed. Patricia Blazey and Kay-Wah Chan, Thomson Reuters, Sydney, Australia, pp. 291-316 (co-authored), What Does a Great Franchise System Look Like', Australian Franchising Magazine- Jan/Feb 2012, 'Taking the Plunge-is there ever a wrong time to buy a franchise', Australian Franchising Magazine - Mar/Apr 2012, 'The Impact of China's Regulatory Regime on Foreign Franchisors' Entry and Expansion Strategies', Asian Journal of Comparative Law, vol.7:1, pp. Article 1. Terry is a former member of the Small Business Development Corporation of New South Wales, and Governor of the Franchise Council of Australia's Franchise Academy. From 1998 to 2008 he was Special Counsel to Deacons (now Norton Rose). Terry has wide international experience, particularly in relation to franchising development and regulation in Asia. He has worked with industry and governments in a number of Asian countries and drafted Vietnam's franchise law which came into operation in 2006. Terry has been inducted into the Australian Franchising Hall of fame.