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Dominic Badaiki


Dominic Badaiki Dominic Badaiki, is a versatile and erudite legal scholar. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Corporation Law. Badaiki has several books and other legal publications to his credit. Some of his books include, Standard form Contracts and Consumer Protection Law (1999), Interpretation of Statutes (1996), and Principles of Contract and Labor Laws (1998). His areas of specialization include: Corporate Management Law, Consumer Protection Law, Commercial Transactions and Arbitration. He has served on the editorial board of several law journals such as Lagos State University Law Journal, Ambrose Alli University Law Journal, Journal of Legal Science, Nigerian Journal of Labor Law and Industrial Relations, Journal of Clinical Legal Education and the Ambrose Alli University Postgraduate Journal. He was of the Faculty of Law, Lagos State University and Dean of Law, Ambrose Alli University , Ekpoma , Nigeria and member, Nigeria Council of Legal Education (2002 -2008). Badaiki is currently the Dean of the School of Post Graduate Studies , Ambrose Alli University , Ekpoma , Nigeria. He holds membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Marketing and Nigerian Institute of Management. He is a member of the International Policy Forum, New York and an Alumnus of Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, Hawai, USA.